Butterfly Roof


The requirement was a statement room, an adventurous adaptation of a family home to allow them to eat together and a space for adults to relax.

The family home wasn’t working with the lounge not giving sufficient privacy, no link from house to garden, nowhere for the teenage children to call their own and no space for the family piano!

A re-design of part of the ground floor was necessary taking into account the distinctive style of the house which needed to be respected when viewed from the street. The new design stitched together old and new in a complimentary set of rooms, with low-key alterations, contemporary materials and design elements focused on the rear garden elevation.

Simplicity was key whilst ensuring the design did not become bland. The roofline and play of angles that the existing house offered resulted in the finished design of a butterfly-angled roof with a long slope over the existing garage and a reversed sloped towards the house over a new extension.

Flush internal and external surfaces and the open corner of the house helped to achieve an organic connection between house and garden. Vertical timber cladding acknowledges the timber weatherboarding to the dormers.

The garage to the side of the house, previously a storage space and already with access to the garden, was re-purposed and incorporated into a new family room. The addition of a large rooflight in the longer roof slope and large sliding doors on to the garden have dispelled any gloom and resulted in a light airy feeling space.

The finished interior gives a striking new family room attached to the kitchen giving adult space for TV/Music/Reading as well as space to eat together. The original living room has become a designated space for teenage children and finally there is space for the family piano! The family home is now working for everyone.

“We wanted a statement room – we got one. Absolutely adore it. It has changed the way we live.”

Colin & Sarah