Woodside Green Christian Centre


Woodside Green Christian Centre had outgrown its existing space. A new building was commissioned to help fulfill plans for growing community work specifically mother and toddler and youth work.

With the previous architect retiring and only 6 months remaining of a 5 year planning consent, Turner & Hoskins faced a considerable challenge to deliver detailed floor plans, cross-sections and elevations together with a range of further drawings and working details to fulfil the requirements for the new building in Croydon and for building work to commence on site prior to the expiration of planning consent.

Pulling together a team of professionals, work began taking hand-drawn information and producing CAD drawings. Complexities in the design with an inverted butterfly roof over the semi-circular conical roof proved a challenge to set out. A 3-dimensional CAD model was produced setting out key points. There was great reliance on cooperation and trust between architect and contractor as software was used to locate points in the air on site to enable the contractor to position the key structure and build up to these points. The result was virtually millimetre perfect.

The project gave opportunity for Turner & Hoskins first baptistery design, built into the floor with removable covers and its own dedicated hot water supply.

A previous working relationship with one of the Directors and the Site Agent proved invaluable in understanding aspirations for the project. The project was completed on schedule and within budget, and, following advice to use an independent building control company, considerable money was saved in building regulation fees allowing greater flexibility for the design.

The centre was officially opened in February 2010. Press reports at the time identified the incredible success of this challenging project:

“As the project for Woodside Green Christian Church draws to completion the subtle change from ideal to inspirational reality takes hold and the Church have begun to plan a selection of special events and welcome services for their members, associates, and the local community to acknowledge the arrival of a special form of building, and confirm their place in the local community.”

Following completion of the project in 2009, further proposals were made to convert a stable building into a youth facility and replace a mews building with 4 mews houses to help finance the youth work. Work on these elements is ongoing.