Oak Community Church


A lively Kent church has a vision to expand. Extensive feasibility studies and discussions, and visits by trustees to Jubilee Community Centre, East Grinstead and a completed Turner & Hoskins project at Woodside Green Christian Centre led to formation of a new facility proposal.

Currently at feasibility stage, the development will include a new church, and apartments or housing to help finance the project. All of the buildings will be arranged in a traditional church cloister formation around a courtyard. Early conceptual studies relate to use and control of light and flow of space from the public area through to the innermost part of the church. The proposal includes a community café at the front of the building, large hall facilities in the rear, a variety of offices and rooms in between and a ‘loft’ for youth groups. The cloisters will also provide incidental public meeting space through use of deep window seating.

Turner & Hoskins remain committed to helping fulfill the church’s vision.