Kings Church Seaford

Kings Church Seaford

Kings Church purchased this church building in East Sussex in 2019 after meeting in a school hall since beginning in 2010. Their growing community were looking for a permanent location to further develop, and primarily to provide a central hub in Seaford town for bringing people together for friendship and community.

While the project site is limited in space for further extensions, the brief sought to reinvigorate the existing, highlighting key aspects for the project:- to be a beacon, serving the community, improved access / circulation into and around the building, space for a community café, a large auditorium, space for young people, and for the spaces to be flexible for multi-use.

The proposed scheme looks to transform the building through reorganising the internal spaces and replacing two previous extensions. In doing so, the alterations will provide space for a new entrance area, and addition and a new stair and lift tower thereby providing improved accessibility for all.

Identifying the building’s strategic position, which links the walk from seafront to the town, a new café space is proposed on the street elevation opening to passing trade. The café will provide flexible space for other uses including events, and includes a new double height space allowing plenty of natural daylight through the inviting entrance.

Glazing to the café, and circulation space adds animation to the building façade opening its invitation for use by the wider community. Enhanced meeting facilities and additional meeting rooms have been considered and include one with a 360-degree view and sea views! Two balcony areas to the circulation space at first floor allow further visual connection between spaces internally. At second floor the scheme opens up a loft space for use for young people and reinstates the arched windows on the street elevation.

“I have been so encouraged throughout with the way that Turner & Hoskins Architects have listened to our ideas and come back with concepts and ideas that fit so closely to our vision. The graphic representations of the project are amazing and have been so helpful in terms of casting vision and generating enthusiasm for the project; superb!”

Jez, Pastor