Beulah Family Church


Beulah Family Church was crying out for more space particularly for their work with children and young people. Following a coincidental meeting between a member of the Buildings Committee Team and Croydon Social Services (CSS), a unique partnership was formed to create an extension to the existing building. The result benefits both parties with CSS having extensive daytime use and the church utilising the building for evenings and weekends.

Tim Hoskins and Vicki Turner provided help to the church and the project through Tim’s various roles as a church member, part of the Buildings Committee Team and through producing the majority of drawings for the works over a 6-year period.

The project created a new extension linked to the existing building with a glazed internal street that retained the existing church façade. New facilities include a multi-purpose hall, café, meeting rooms and offices.

With work ongoing as Turner & Hoskins started as an architectural practice, this was a significant formative project in the whole process from procurement through to realisation of the project.

A significant challenge was in gaining permission from Croydon Council for part of the original Charles Spurgeon building to be demolished. As a locally listed building, such permission had never previously been granted. With the intervention of CSS and their need for a north Croydon base together with Tim’s liaison with the council establishing the requirements for a historic record of the building, permission was given. Turner & Hoskins completed a photographic survey of the building and the completed historical record resides with Croydon Council.