Skyscrapers, jazz, and deep dish pizzas.


We visited Chicago in late August.  After the sultry pavement heat of New York and the fresh greenery of rural Pennsylvania, the friendly laid back city of Chicago was a pleasure.  The European feel, wide pavements, alfresco cafes, urban gardens and planting all provided the perfect backdrop to experience a different sort of city to the busyness of New York.

Chicago is a city of opportunity, we saw significant buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright, SOM, and Mies Van Der Rohe; and were inspired by the works of Studio Gang.  We toured the city on foot and by boat which gave a new perspective to the city.  Chicago is a city divided by a river, but re-connected by a parade of beautifully engineered bridges each with their own distinctive operators cabin.


Chicago provided us with an opportunity to experience a City of many levels, we were presented with a bold skyscraper skyline, a strong cultural heart of  museums, and Universities, and finally a secret world of three-level streets.


The rattle of the L, the music which seeped from almost every corner, and the unforgettable sound of the crowd singing at Wrigley Field will be the strongest memories of an architectural tour which barely scratched the surface of this City.  We will be back.



Top to bottom: Wells Street Bridge, The Robie House by Frank Lloyd Wright, Unity Temple by Frank Lloyd Wright, Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor

All photographs by T+H