Vicki and Tim love looking at buildings, and this can mean that their son has been along for the ride to see some of this impressive architecture.  We asked him to write about his trip to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.




For me, I thought that Fallingwater was an amazing building. When it was built, it would’ve looked quite modern. It is impressive to look at because at the time not many buildings were designed like Fallingwater. I thought that Frank Lloyd Wright did an amazing job of designing it; it is modern on the outside but Art Deco and completely different on the inside.

Another thing that made Fallingwater a unique experience was the fact that Frank Lloyd Wright had made the river that was running under the house, part of the house, because you could just go down some steps and you’d be in the river. As well as this, it was nice that you could walk from the main house up to the guest building; even though you were technically outside you were still sheltered and it was pleasant to walk along.

When we there, it was early autumn so when we there it wasn’t too hot or too cold although it was quite humid it was nice to walk around the outside of Fallingwater and to see it from down the river.





All photographs by Turner & Hoskins Architects.

For more information: https://fallingwater.org/