Recycling is good

We all know that recycling is good for the environment.  How about these beauties?  Up for grabs, are some Mid-Century Modern Kitchen fittings, and some Art Deco Bathroom items.  All our Client is asking in exchange is a reasonable donation to charity.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?  You get to help a charity, and the environment.  Why, that must make you a superhero!

Collection will be from the site, which is very close to Watford, London.  Items will be removed, and stored on the site by the Main Contractor, but you will need to be quick!


Mid Century Modern Kitchen


Art Deco Bathroom



The small print:

You will need to make a reasonable donation to a recognised charity.  An asbestos survey has been carried out at the site, materials removed by licenced experts, and the air quality tested and passed.  None of the items have been tested for operation, and you should ensure you arrange for a competent electrician and plumber to check items as relevant.  We (Turner & Hoskins Architects Ltd.) are only helping by publicising these items, and are not liable in any way.  You will need to arrange for your own transport, and removal of the items from the site.  Social distancing rules apply.  But remember – you are helping a charity, and saving the planet.  Awesome!