Often on a project, we will be asked to incorporate something that a Client already has or might be thinking about buying.  This can range from a ceramic tile, to a re-purposing a pianola (as a vanity unit, click here), to including old windows and doors, or re-using significant building elements, including bricks, stairs and flooring.  It really can vary.



In this case, it was a 10-euro glass lampshade, picked up in a French flea market.  As the first image shows, there was no way of suspending the shade.  The second image shows the lip at the top of the shade, and so we sourced the gallery; this is the metal cover that fits over the top lip of the shade, and which is held in place by three screws under the lip, and thereby suspends the shade.



To ensure an authentic appearance, we also sourced the matching chrome lamp holder and shade rings, the chrome cord grip, the two-core braided light flex, and the white porcelain ceiling rose.  And all for £43.84*, including the shade!

Don’t be afraid to ask.  Whether it’s a flea market find, or your most treasured possession, if we can accommodate it, we will.




*Parts only, not including labour.  Always use a qualified electrician.

Excluding the shade, all of the parts were from, who were very helpful.  T+H have no links / tie-ins to any companies.

All photographs by T+H.